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Leitgab, M., Leitgab, M. and Seidl, R., Seidl, R. and Grosse Perdekamp, M., Grosse Perdekamp, M. and Vossen, A., Vossen, A. and Adachi, I., Adachi, I. and Aihara, H., Aihara, H. and Asner, D. M., Asner, D. M. and Aulchenko, V., Aulchenko, V. and Aushev, T., Aushev, T. and Bakich, a. M., Bakich, a. M. and Bhuyan, B., Bhuyan, B. and Bondar, A., Bondar, A. and Bozek, A., Bozek, A. and Bračko, M., Bračko, M. and Brodzicka, J., Brodzicka, J. and Browder, T. E., Browder, T. E. and Chekelian, V., Chekelian, V. and Chen, A., Chen, A. and Chen, P., Chen, P. and Cheon, B. G., Cheon, B. G. and Chilikin, K., Chilikin, K. and Cho, K., Cho, K. and Chobanova, V., Chobanova, V. and Choi, Y., Choi, Y. and Cinabro, D., Cinabro, D. and Dalseno, J., Dalseno, J. and Drásal, Z., Drásal, Z. and Dutta, D., Dutta, D. and Eidelman, S., Eidelman, S. and Epifanov, D., Epifanov, D. and Farhat, H., Farhat, H. and Fast, J. E., Fast, J. E. and Gaur, V., Gaur, V. and Gabyshev, N., Gabyshev, N. and Gillard, R., Gillard, R. and Giordano, F, Giordano, F and Goh, Y. M., Goh, Y. M. and Golob, B., Golob, B. and Haba, J., Haba, J. and Hayasaka, K., Hayasaka, K. and Hayashii, H., Hayashii, H. and Hoshi, Y., Hoshi, Y. and Hou, W.-S., Hou, W.-S. and Hsiung, Y. B., Hsiung, Y. B. and Hsiung, Y. B., Hsiung, Y. B. and Hyun, H. J., Hyun, H. J. and Iijima, T., Iijima, T. and Ishikawa, A., Ishikawa, A. and Itoh, R., Itoh, R. and Jacobs, W. W., Jacobs, W. W. and Julius, T., Julius, T. and Kang, J. H., Kang, J. H. and Kapusta, P, Kapusta, P and Kato, E., Kato, E. and Kawasaki, T., Kawasaki, T. and Kim, H. J., Kim, H. J. and Kim, H. O., Kim, H. O. and Kim, J. B., Kim, J. B. and Kim, J. H., Kim, J. H. and Kim, M. J., Kim, M. J. and Klucar, J., Klucar, J. and Ko, B. R., Ko, B. R. and Kodyš, P., Kodyš, P. and Kouzes, R. T., Kouzes, R. T. and Križan, P., Križan, P. and Krokovny, P., Krokovny, P. and Kumar, R., Kumar, R. and Kumita, T., Kumita, T. and Kwon, Y.-J., Kwon, Y.-J. and Lange, J. S., Lange, J. S. and Lee, S.-H., Lee, S.-H. and Li, Y., Li, Y. and Liu, Z. Q., Liu, Z. Q. and Liventsev, D., Liventsev, D. and Matvienko, D., Matvienko, D. and Miyabayashi, K., Miyabayashi, K. and Miyata, H., Miyata, H. and Mizuk, R., Mizuk, R. and Moll, A., Moll, A. and Muramatsu, N, Muramatsu, N and Nakano, E, Nakano, E and Nakao, M., Nakao, M. and Natkaniec, Z., Natkaniec, Z. and Nayak, M., Nayak, M. and Nedelkovska, E., Nedelkovska, E. and Ng, C., Ng, C. and Nisar, N. K., Nisar, N. K. and Nitoh, O., Nitoh, O. and Ogawa, A., Ogawa, A. and Ogawa, S., Ogawa, S. and Ohshima, T., Ohshima, T. and Okuno, S., Okuno, S. and Olsen, S. L, Olsen, S. L and Oswald, C., Oswald, C. and Pakhlov, P., Pakhlov, P. and Park, H., Park, H. and Park, H. K., Park, H. K. and Pedlar, T. K, Pedlar, T. K and Pestotnik, R., Pestotnik, R. and Petrič, M., Petrič, M. and Piilonen, L. E., Piilonen, L. E. and Röhrken, M, Röhrken, M and Sahoo, H., Sahoo, H. and Sakai, Y., Sakai, Y. and Sandilya, S., Sandilya, S. and Santelj, L., Santelj, L. and Sanuki, T., Sanuki, T. and Sato, Y., Sato, Y. and Schneider, O., Schneider, O. and Schnell, G., Schnell, G. and Schwanda, C., Schwanda, C. and Senyo, K., Senyo, K. and Senyo, K., Senyo, K. and Seon, O., Seon, O. and Sevior, M. E., Sevior, M. E. and Shapkin, M., Shapkin, M. and Shen, C. P., Shen, C. P. and Shibata, T.-a., Shibata, T.-a. and Shiu, J.-G., Shiu, J.-G. and Shwartz, B., Shwartz, B. and Sibidanov, A., Sibidanov, A. and Simon, F., Simon, F. and Smerkol, P., Smerkol, P. and Sohn, Y.-S., Sohn, Y.-S. and Sokolov, A, Sokolov, A and Solovieva, E., Solovieva, E. and Starič, M., Starič, M. and Sumihama, M., Sumihama, M. and Sumiyoshi, T., Sumiyoshi, T. and Tatishvili, G., Tatishvili, G. and Teramoto, Y., Teramoto, Y. and Tsuboyama, T., Tsuboyama, T. and Uchida, M., Uchida, M. and Uglov, T., Uglov, T. and Unno, Y., Unno, Y. and Uno, S., Uno, S. and Usov, Y., Usov, Y. and Van Hulse, C., Van Hulse, C. and Varner, G., Varner, G. and Vorobyev, V., Vorobyev, V. and Wagner, M. N., Wagner, M. N. and Wang, C. H., Wang, C. H. and Wang, J., Wang, J. and Wang, M.-Z., Wang, M.-Z. and Wang, P., Wang, P. and Watanabe, M., Watanabe, M. and Watanabe, Y., Watanabe, Y. and Williams, K. M., Williams, K. M. and Won, E., Won, E. and Yamashita, Y., Yamashita, Y. and Zhilich, V., Zhilich, V. and Zhulanov, V., Zhulanov, V. (2013) Precision Measurement of Charged Pion and Kaon Differential Cross Sections in e^{+}e^{-} Annihilation at sqrt[s]=10.52  GeV. Precision Measurement of Charged Pion and Kaon Differential Cross Sections in e^{+}e^{-} Annihilation at sqrt[s]=10.52  GeV, 111. 062002-1-062002-7.

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